Intimate But Open

Two weeks ago we talked about the beauty of small tucked away bungalows to have a bit of restored privacy during our time sheltering at home. Today we’re talking about something similar- converted greenhouses. Glass greenhouses to be exact. What a better way to update your property than to add a small piece of peace and quiet in a simple yet unconventional way?

Glass greenhouses have become widely popular¬†internationally and stateside. Many places are now highlighting them as a great way to lodge during travel, entertain outdoors, and have some much needed time in nature without the discomfort of camping. I personally love the idea of having one as a place for resting while watching my kids play. Regardless of how you use them, they’re a wonderful way to take in nature while being protected from the elements. And even though they’re glass and open, they’re cozy enough to feel like you can peacefully take a much needed nap.

Enjoy a beautiful evening with friends and family while the sun sets and the air cools off. It’ll be a garden party to remember. via Sefive

If you want a more cabin feel, add some wood to your greenhouse. A lovely pendant in the middle is great for overhead lighting. via Green Wedding Shoes

This traditional style hearkens back to victorian English rose gardens. I love the French doors especially. via Elle

A greenhouse turned study would be a perfect home office solution. That brick floor is a great way to contrast city with country. via Sefive

This might be my favorite one. Secluded, open, and perfectly sized for a few moments of complete relaxation. via Venue Report


Adding a greenhouse to your home might be a wonderful way to utilize your space.

Updating an already existing greenhouse on your property would be worth every penny.


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