An Interior Designer’s Home

We all have our own style, but walking into a talented interior designer’s home is like walking into what confidence and playfulness feels like. Those two qualities are usually what separates a talented interior designer’s home from the masses because they’re not easy to come by. Being confident and playful holds an element of risk many people aren’t accustomed to practicing daily. I also think people shy away from risks because, as they say, you have to sleep in the bed you make. But instinctual designing is a trained muscle that develops over time, plenty of mistakes, and a lot of accidental successes.

The Nordroom recently featured interior designer Louisa Pierce’s Nashville home and I’m inspired not just by her choices but by her dedication to her instincts. It’s a style that can’t be recreated by another person because it’s a style developed by maximizing her own intuition. This isn’t just a lesson in creativity and inspiration, it’s a lesson in confidence and how to practice that confidence. Take a look and see what I mean.


When you’re looking for an interior designer for your home, find one that isn’t afraid to help you discover and follow your instincts. No matter how big or small the decision, a good one will honor this vital part of you. Another post that might help you find your design voice is this post about intentionality and slowly cultivating your home.

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