How to Decorate with Indoor Plants: Green on Green Edition

Plants have dominated the interior decor market for quite some time now but something people struggle with is decorating the rest of their space as a complement to their living foliage. I found that using the right shade of green can do wonders in enhancing the natural beauty of indoor plants. Instead of relying on beiges and whites to set the foundation of a room, how about incorporating something more colorful, unique, and fun? The trick is to use green as both a neutral and as an accent. Take a look at what I mean:

Imagine if these doors were just plain white. The space wouldn’t be nearly as impressive, right? There’s something magical about entering a space through something so colorful as vibrant plants and a jade portal. via Regardset Maison

This is a great example of using color to fill a space without overtaking a space. via Cote Maison

The light colors of the foliage leading to the heavily saturated breakfast bar helps the eye flow from left to right. The green artwork in between created a perfect transition from the two of them. via Architectural Digest

Dark green can be intimidating for such a large space, but when paired with floor to ceiling windows and a sun filled space, it’s the perfect place for plants to relax, sunbathe, and grow. via Planete Deco

Green window panes are a wonderfully simple way to highlight the shape of tall, elegant plants. via Pinterest

Are you a plant person?

How do you decorate your space with them?


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