What I’m Loving This Week

From the perfect apartment in Japan to the “in” colors from Paris Design Week, here are the 4 things I’m loving this week.

In my office on the lookout for things to inspire me.


Travel Meets Interior Design

This might be the smartest travel tip I’ve ever seen (and it involves interior design!) When you travel, pick up some textiles. Buy just enough to make pillows, throws, table linens, and maybe a few accents to curtains. It’s a great way to bring home your travels without filling up your suitcase.

The rest of the tips in this post are also great. Check them out here.


Small Space, Impeccable Style

How would you style a 200 square foot apartment? How would you live in a 200 square foot apartment?  See how one woman made her tiny San Francisco apartment full of personality without clutter.


Color is the New Black

I love the colors reigning at Paris Design Week. Acid green and light purple seem too trendy to be functional for a home, but somehow it all looks perfectly organic and subtly intentional, just what the Parisians are known for.


Redefining the Term “Open Concept”

This renovated apartment in Japan gives new meaning to the term “open concept.” Everything is designed so the maximum amount of light can flow through uninterrupted.  I think it might be a game changer in home design. Although open, everything is connected.


From large spaces to tiny spaces with all the colors in between, I’m loving this international journey in design. Happy travels!

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