An Award and a Thank You

We are more than thrilled to receive another Houzz Award for design for the third year in a row! Thank you, Houzz, for providing services to professionals and customers all in one place. I’m humbled to be counted among some of the nation’s leading designers.

And most importantly I want to thank you. Opening up my inbox to your questions opened up my eyes to the wonderful demographic this blog is reaching. From former clients to current industry partners to people I’ve known personally for years, it’s a good reminder that building this firm from the ground up has had an audience and support system I couldn’t have imagined when I started it. Thank you for not just reading this blog but for also being part of this incredible journey.

And if you still would like to submit a question to be answered on this blog post, please feel free to leave a comment and check back for an answer in a future blog post. Or subscribe to our email list and we’ll let you know what’s coming up next.



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