Home Feature: Minimalism and Fulfillment

In a previous post we broke down the different styes of a home and some of you had questions about the minimalist style. And that’s not surprising. Minimalism has been around for decades but hasn’t been fully embraced by mainstream architects and designers until the past few years. It’s often misunderstood as sparse and unfeeling. What’s more, despite its moniker, achieving the minimalist aesthetic takes an extraordinary amount of vision and skill because it sees the function as the design, so finding a good minimalist architect and designer isn’t easy.

This home by House O found via Leibal is a perfect example of minimalism. It’s free of unnecessary clutter without being boring or standard and maintains the “wow” factor all well designed homes should illicit. One might think all minimalist homes look alike because the style calls on the need for less, but the uniqueness comes from the details, which is what makes the style so fulfilling without adding “more.”

Take a look at what we mean:

What do you think of the minimalist style?

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