Highpoint 2016

Going to Highpoint is the highlight of my year.  I love seeing the latest trends, beautiful showrooms with thousands of energetic designers ready to infuse new items into there projects.  Here are some of my highlights I saw and fave’s from the week….

Bold Tribal Graphic Fabrics…
-LOVING the bold tribal graphics in fabrics and rugs I saw in showrooms.  It can make any project have a more laid back eclectic look.  I love how they created a tent using this fabric…it made the vignette feel very cozy.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE the fringe on this modern chair.  ROCK AND ROLL

Now this piece I just had to order for an up and coming project.  Bought it and I’ll plan the room around this show stopper light pink quartz fixture.  Cant wait to see it installed!

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