The Perfect Hideaway

Years ago I read a book about a woman who created a hideaway. It was a bungalow with a table in the middle of it so she could spend her spare time reading, writing, and entertaining close friends. It was the central point of the novel and it quickly became a character all on its own. It was tucked away in the country in Massachusetts, a short drive from her home in Boston. I was as emotionally invested with the owner of the bungalow as I was in the bungalow itself. The quiet solitude it represented was such a contrast to the daily demands of life and, more importantly, it was a simple yet clear symbol of how very little is needed to be happy.

Finding this gem above on Revival Construction immediately made me think of that novel. It’s exactly how I envisioned her bungalow with its simplicity and rich elegance. And now I can’t get the idea of a bungalow out of my head. It’s not a common request among my clients as many of them live in cities without a lot of extra land, yet the possibilities are inspiring. Call them what you may: she-sheds, bungalows, or sunrooms. I call them the perfect hideaway. And who wouldn’t want a little hideaway during a pandemic? Especially as school lets out and many of us are seeking just a little more peace and quiet.

Here are some of my favorites:

I love that the focal point is comfort. An afternoon in there with a book would be perfect. via Pinterest

Surrounded by a garden and a picket fence? What a dream! via Farm House Living

A very English Summer cottage via GBC Group

A small patio in the front is such an inviting way to begin and end each day. via Town and Country Living

What would you include in your dream hideaway?

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