A House Wrapped Up in Another House

The idea of a house wrapped up in another house sounds ridiculous, but it’s one of the best solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. Sustainable living never went away, but the ability to achieve it has gotten significantly more difficult throughout the century. The ability to grow your own food and keep your house warm without relying on electricity or gas isn’t a new concept, but when your Winter lasts 8 months of the year (such as in Sweden), one’s ability to sustain such a lifestyle feels nearly impossible.

Through creativity and love for the earth, this couple built a greenhouse around their already beautiful home. They not only found a way to grow their own food and keep their house warm in a sustainable manner, they’re also reaping the benefits of being outside without actually being outside. Combating seasonal depression is a difficult thing for many who live through such long Winters, and they discovered this is an effective way to mitigate this common ailment.



Sometimes changing your home is also changing your lifestyle. Would you consider wrapping a greenhouse around your home? If you live in Milwaukee where Winters last until April, it might not be a bad idea.

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