A Former Nabisco Biscuit Factory Turned into Lofts

The thing about renovations is they’re almost always incredible stories built upon inspiration, dedication, and talent. Creating a house from something that was never meant to be a house requires a certain level of open mindedness that doesn’t come naturally for most. It takes discipline to retrain your eye, and your preconceptions, into something fundamentally better. It’s like turning weeds into a cake.

So when I heard architects transformed a former Nabisco biscuit factory into a chic living space in 2006, I knew it could only be absolutely jaw dropping. And I wasn’t wrong.

The owner, Chinese architect Amanda Gunawan, stamped on her signature minimalist style that clearly maximizes the light and view.

A hint of before, with an exposed H-vac system and painted brick. It’s a nod to the industrial look without going overboard.

A sweeping view of the flow of the space. It’s a wonderful layout for both parties and living intimately without feeling closed in.

The owner with her beautiful dogs taking advantage of the large windows and open space.

I’m a huge lover of converted warehouses. They’re meant to last, are designed for efficiency, and have windows that maximize daylight. And, most of all, they’re often converted by people who see the space beyond what it was originally intended for in an original and inspiring way.

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