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This month Mohindroo Interiors was interviewed in M Magazine of Milwaukee to discuss the hot trend rug layering.  We also had the opportunity to use Sarah Broadman Miller Trade showroom who allowed us to use part of their showroom to showcase this trend in the magazine article.  It’s a fun trend that defiantly gives your room a unique look and I wanted to add a few more tips that you can try at home.

There are multiple ways to achieve this look one of my favorite ways is to use a solid or textured rug for the base and then use a patterned or bold color rug for the top.  Implementing this technique will allow you to add a fun print or color into the room without completely committing to a bold trend. Also, enjoy using a variety of textured rugs which will allow you to go as bold or as subtle as you want.  I also try to keep the top rug about 12-18″ smaller than the bottom rug. This will make sure that the two different rugs are defined, but also you will get a beautiful border around the smaller rug. Playing around with various patterns and textures will help you to achieve a unique and inviting room.

If you want to shake things up and have a more organic look try layering your rugs by putting the top rug on an angle.  When working with this technique you should find a smaller top rug than the bottom rug and use a cowhide or unusual shape rug on the top.  Lastly, make sure you angle the top rug.  All of these elements combined will help you to achieve a beautiful and organic look.

M Magazine Milwaukee_July

To read the whole article. http://bit.ly/MKE-MoDesign

Another great tip when layering rugs in a room is to spread the rugs through out the room.  You might have a large room but you don’t want to cover the whole room in a rug or don’t want to pay for a large rug.  Try spreading your rugs out and allowing them to slightly touch.  This layering technique will give the illusion that you have a much larger rug in the space.  See image below for an example of this technique.

Instagram_Cru Design

I also recommend using this technique in areas that do not have a lot of foot traffic. I love using this look in bedrooms or sitting rooms that don’t get used as much as other areas of the home.

We are really proud and excited to be featured in M Magzine this July talking about the layered rug trend. If you have any more questions about this looks send me a note through the comment section below.

Picture from Pinterest/Article from Chris Loves Julia

Oh and don’t forget to have fun…It’s a fun trend that will give you that WOW look so experiment and have fun with this look.

Lisa Mo- xo

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