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Everyone has their “thing” in this industry. I know some designers who are obsessed with rugs and believe a beautiful quality rug makes or breaks a room. Some designers have an obsession with millwork, architectural details, or paint colors. Well, my obsession is Fabrics! I have even been called a fabric snob when it comes to selecting my fabrics for a project.

I feel that fabrics are a great way to add texture, pattern, color and can even soften or amp up a room. I usually start all of my projects with selecting a beautiful fabric as my inspiration when creating a room. But, fabrics not only can create a bold impact in a room they are also a great tool in achieving a carefree lifestyle when protecting your furnishings.  Below are some tips on how to protect your fabric from everyday messes.

My client’s number one concern when selecting fabrics “will it hold up in their day to day lifestyle.”  We are seeing more and more clients wanting the open concept living arrangement.  With this openness comes a more relaxed and casual lifestyle in one’s home.  They want to feel that they can “LIVE” in their home without stressing over spills from their pets, kids, husbands or house guests. Which selecting the right fabric can absolutely help solve mini heart attacks over spills. For starters, fabric companies have done a wonderful job on adding fabric protectors into their fabrics before they even leave the mill. When I’m specifying a fabric for a sectional that everyone in the home will be using frequently not only do I look for a heavy-duty fabric but also something that has a stain replant fused right into the fabric.

One company that has a luxurious faux velvet is from Maxwell from the Alta collection.  This fabric does wonders for repelling stains and spills.  Actually, all of the above fabrics are great in repelling stains but also have a great hand to them.  Could you just imagine snuggling up to these fabrics while drinking your cup of coffee in the morning as the kids are watching their morning cartoons jumping on the cushion seat next to you!  AHH now that’s living in style!

Another option is you can always have a company come into your home and spray your fabrics after the furniture has been delivered. You already spent a lot of money on these items and it’s worth the investment to have a professional come out to spray a fabric protection on your fabrics to have them last even longer. Some of these company’s sprays even protect your fabric from UV rays, which is great for rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight.

But, if you can’t do any of the tips above I find the best way to remove stains and protect fabrics is doing a Google Search to get some answers on removing certain stains. Also, check out this amazing link below I ran across. It’s from Good House Keeping and helps with different stains and how to get them out.


At the very least remember that you are sitting on your sofa, chair or kitchen barstool every single day.  It’s important to protect it or select a fabric that will affect the performance of that furniture piece, so you can enjoy it for many years to come(no matter what life throws at you)!

-XO Lisa Mo

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