Elevating Your Pantry

I feel like my pantry is constantly on my to-do list. I’ll organize it. Chaos. More, better organization. More chaos. A different organization. Different chaos. Many homes were built during a time when people shopped daily and didn’t need a stockpile of non-perishables, so I don’t entirely blame myself. But now that more and more homes are custom made, making sure my clients have adequate and logical food storage pantries is a priority. Although having an organized pantry feels like an unattainable luxury for many, they’re worth the space and cost to make cooking and eating less stressful. Another bonus: it’s easier to see what food you have so you don’t end up buying yet another can of black beans.

Open shelves mixed with drawers and cupboards are a great way to quickly see what food you have while also having a way to hide clutter. The key to having a clean pantry is not to shove things together. Give your items space and you’ll give your brain peace of mind. via FoodNetwork

A glass door feels very Eataly and classic Italian grocer. I love that there’s vents and sloping shelves for produce. A scale of this could definitely happen in your home. via Hello Norden

A railway style pantry with sloping shelves for produce is a great way to feel like you’re living in a Spanish villa. Simple. Open. Perfect. via Casa Vogue


French doors on a pantry? That’s the kind of elevation I love seeing in kitchens. via Net Luxury


Do you love your pantry?

If not, what things would you like yours to have?

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