When I Say Custom, I Mean It

Custom built can mean so many things. The most common types of things on our homes that are custom built are cabinets, bookshelves, and other basic woodwork. But as an interior designer, I want to go further. I want to know exactly what my client’s needs are and why standard forms aren’t helping them meet them. What hobby do you have that you wish your home could support in a more tailored way? If you’re tall maybe that’s a doorway with extra space. If you’re short, maybe that means less high storage spaces and more cabinets under countertops.

Or maybe it’s as elaborate as a wine cellar under your stairs or multiple washer and dryers. Whatever you need, I’m positive there’s a solution that’s not only functional but also matches your aesthetic. Let’s take a look!

You can do many things with the empty space under your staircase, but having a wine cellar makes me think this families has the right priorities. via Living Etc.

This view alone would make me want to cook so much more. via Shalice Noel

Why not add a cafe to your backyard? Dine al fresco in a very intimate way without having to go very far from your kitchen. This would make clean up a breeze. via Better Homes and Gardens

Microwaves aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing device, so hiding it in a pantry is a wonderful solution. When you’re at your lake house and want minimal electronics around you, this is the perfect hiding spot. via Pinterest

The windows above really caught my eye. It’s such a unique way to capture light to brighten your dining room and open up the space above an entryway to a room. And that island with those cabinets and backsplash are beautifully choreographed together. via Eye Swoon

A dog watering station as chic as the rest of your house. via At Home with Ashley

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted more than one washer and dryer. Oh good now that we’re all in agreement, I’m voting the my next home has a laundry room that actually meets my laundry needs. via Curbly

This whole photo is a beautiful feeling and that wood is both practical and a beautiful addition to your decor. via Elmueble

If you could custom design anything to make your home life easier, what would it be?

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