Are You a Chaise Person?

Today I sat down to write about office desk chairs. I thought since most of us are now teleworking, we’d probably need to upgrade our desk chairs. And not just in style (although I am an interior designer and style is what I love) but also concerning comfort. And then it started raining and my mind no longer was interested in office chairs. Instead I wanted to make some tea, curl up with a blanket, and just think about cozy things.

That’s when I thought of chaises and their comfortable magnificence.  And unlike recliners or bean bag chairs (all equally comfortable), chaises add a great amount of sophistication while screaming to the world “Even when I’m lazy I’m stylish.”

So now my mind is on chaises and how maybe they’ll become the new office chairs…

Simple lines, zero fuss, still all the cozy luxury. via Birch Lane

This Marta Barrell chaise via Wayfair would look perfect in a lake house, a townhouse, a penthouse… my house….

The ultimate in comfy. Soft, fluffy, and universally inviting. via Birch Lane

I love the angled legs, English arm, and down fill option for the cushion. Basically I love it all. via Pottery Barn

Tufts and detailed legs would fit in any distinguished home library. via Horchow


What chaise is your favorite? Although comfort is key, it’s important to think about durability and cleanability. Because even though a chaise was common for the victorian elite, modern day chaises are also used for Netflix nights and a perfect spot for snack consumption.

I hope you’re all faring well out there. It’s a scary world but I hope your office spaces are as comfortable as possible.



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