Be Bold With Windows

Yesterday was 50 degrees in Milwaukee. I opened all the windows in the house to let it breathe after a Winter of being shuttered in. Sunlight and fresh air was abundant and I wished I had more windows. Looking around my house, I envisioned where a new window could go or or how I could make my already existing windows even bigger. Suddenly this new vision made my house seem more modern, more lively, and more luxurious.

Windows can elevate your home in a way nothing else can. It’s one of the boldest and impressive design choices that turns a standard home into something memorable for both the occupant and the guest. Simply put, if you want to update your home, start thinking about the possibilities of windows. Although not for the shy and reclusive (unless you’re out in the middle of nowhere), windows have the ability to turn a house into art.

Thin black frames, weathered brown wood, and splashes of dark green throughout. I love the minimal approach to this wonderfully open space. via Planete Deco

The recessed lighting, stunning deck, and double sided open walls is quite the statement. via Futurist Architecture

A meal under the sunlight and dessert under the stars. I love the thought process behind this lifestyle. via Homes to Love

Being in the city doesn’t mean you have to forgo being open to the world. What a lovely scene this home can provide to its guests and passerby’s. via Inhabitat


This has a greenhouse cottage turned cafe turned back to a greenhouse cottage feel and that’s what I love most about it. via Maison Flaneur

Are you dreaming about more windows and more sunlight like I am?

*featured image from Love Renovate

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