The Best Way to Build a Mudroom

Winter is coming and so are rain boots, mud, salt, and snow. The floors on your house might not be able to withstand the harsh elements, but your mud room should. Often times sturdy isn’t synonymous with inspired design, so mudrooms are usually the last room in the house to get attention. In my opinion, mudrooms should be just as stylish and updated as the rest of your house, it just needs to have more forethought to handle such constant use. Here are my three tips to a great mudroom:

  1. Be realistic with your daily life. Do you wear more tall boots than short ones? Custom build your shelves to reflect that. Do you rinse off your boots inside or outside? Have hooks and a laundry basket for towels ready and unobtrusive.
  2. You’ll be cleaning the floors of your mudroom more frequently than any other room, so make sure your storage holds cleaning supplies in the most accessible manner possible. The more accessible they are, the more you’re likely to clean.
  3. Long hooks are a lifesaver. Scarves, hats, heavy coats, and gloves all hang better on long hooks. That daily annoyance of things falling will disappear with the right sized hook.

And now, here are some of my favorite mudrooms. From classic to vintage to modern to farmhouse, your mudroom can fit your style and needs.

I love the dark contrast against the natural light wood, the separated stalls, and the back panels to give it contrast. This scene could very much be from an English cottage. via Whittney Parkinson Designs

Oftentimes mudrooms are tucked away from the rest of the house, but I like this one’s proximity to the living room. Distinct rooms that flow with one another is an often overlooked need. via J Kath Designs

The first thing that caught my eye was the modern tile against the farmhouse hardware. But I love that there’s a dedicated space to decor, indicating that although this room is functional, it’s also purposely meant to be kept clean and orderly. via Home Glow Designs

There’s plenty of storage and comfort in this room and I love how it’s designed to add height to this room in the most minimalist way possible. via Decor Pad

There’s a vintage locker room feel to this room and I absolutely love it. From the double doors to the screened windows up top, I love how it evokes a certain 1930’s charm. via Kate Market Interiors


What are your mudroom needs?



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