The Best Dog Beds For Your Home

I’m a firm believer that it’s the little things that make a room go from basic to impressive. One of those little things are dog beds. Elevating your pet’s space can be very easy and yet it’s often overlooked. But when done, it brings a room to another level of sophistication and cohesion. After spending time and money on the design of your home, why disrupt the overall look with something that can easily be updated? No matter your style, there’s a dog bed for you!

A beautiful custom dog bed that seamlessly goes with your classic decor. via Adore Pet Beds

This simple frame completes the look of this traditional home. I love the grain and the open slats. via Harley and Cho

I love this mid-century look. The legs give this bed another dimension of intentionality that I adore. via Wood Shop Diaries

If your style is more on the bohemian side, complete your home’s artistic look with small embellishments and an a-frame. via Original Dog Furniture

And last but not least, if your style is on the luxurious Parisian side then this bed is for you. I’m not above this. I’m not above this at all. via French Bedroom Company


Modern, midcentury, classic, traditional, or wonderfully extra…

What’s your dog bed style?

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