Bathroom Storage: Give It All To Me!

When I moved to Milwaukee, I expected snow, Fish Fry Fridays, and some of the most beautiful homes with lake views. But those beautiful homes often come with a cost- lack of bathroom countertops. Most renovations deal with this problem as seen here and here, but what if you can’t afford the money or space to revamp your sink?

Hidden storage is your best friend and I’m here to show you all the ways to increase the storage in your bathroom without completely redoing the layout.

My initial reaction when I first saw this was “ooooooohhh!!!” I do love it. I love how easy it would be to store all of my makeup and serums without feeling like the could topple out of my medicine cabinet. By the way, the person who invented the medicine cabinet was not a woman with ten different creams and serums to combat aging. I don’t have proof, but I’m completely convinced of this. via My Pinterest Page

Although this doesn’t directly address the lack of countertop storage, I’m 100% in love with all things Murphy. Who doesn’t love the ease of this? via Home Depot

At first I saw this and thought this is my worst nightmare. How could anyone live with absolutely no counter space?

And then I saw this and got really excited. What a great idea! via Mi Casa

When I talk about maximizing space, this is what I’m talking about. There are so many great things I could store without feeling like it’s going to end up a disaster zone of hair dryers and cleaning products. Well done! via Selbermachendeko

You don’t realize how deep these little closets go until you find your missing make-up bag stuffed in the back from five years ago. Drawers like these will save you time and money. Believe me. via Matchness

Again, this doesn’t directly solve lack of counterspace, but I love the idea of adding a small mirror on one of the shelves to create a mini vanity. I definitely can imagine myself getting ready in such a chic little spot. via Luxe Interior Design

Are y0u in need of storage?

What are some of your bathroom storage solutions?

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