How to Be More Creative With Your Basement

As more and more homes are flipped and renovated, the finished basement has become a priority for many. But how do you make a basement feel as intentional and well-designed as the rest of your house? You’re dealing with many factors against you: very little windows, an obtrusive staircase, and usually pillars or thick walls that interrupt the flow of the space. So how do you deal? Here are some ways to make your basement a seamless extension of your home.


Up the cozy by placing as many comfortable seating options as possible. Basements are meant to be a relaxing space, but that doesn’t mean frumpy. Ottomans, love seats, and even a well placed bed can look both inviting and chic. And what a great use of space under the stars. via Pinterest

When you want to add a shower but don’t want to build another wall downstairs, simple curtains and an efficient drain is a great idea. The open air flow is also a good idea to avoid the all too common mold in basements. via Coldwell Banker

Basement home offices aren’t appealing due to the lack of light and proper ambiance, but I love how purposeful all these elements are brought in. From drawers under the stairs to heating under the desks, I imagine this to be a wonderfully efficient and welcoming workplace. via House Logic

Basement walls can either be a hindrance or an asset. Using pocket doors is definitely the latter. via Vision Bedding

I love the creativity of this! Support beams in a basement are often seen as an annoyance, so I love the idea of creating a mini-pub with them. via Next Luxury

Although it feels minor, turning support beams into columns does a lot to elevate your basement from an afterthought to a well-designed space. via The Chronicles of Home


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