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  • michael madson

    I have a fairly large set of 4 windows in my home that spans roughly 12 feet across. There’s all of 1 inch between the 2 sets of 6′ wide window. As it pertains to curtains/drapery, is there a right or wrong for this situation? Whether it’s “fake” decorative panels that just sit at the left/right end but don’t slide/operate, or should it be a fully-functioning curtain that covers everything? And if the later, it seems like there’d be a lot of fabric material space needed at the left and right end, to the point it may feel obnoxious. What to do? Oh and if the “fake” panels are done, should the rod still extend across the entire top? Or just over the top of the actual curtain? I hope this makes sense!

    • Lisa Mohindroo

      Thanks for the great question! Well, it depends on what you are trying to do in that room. Drapes do two things…One they provide privacy or shade from natural light and Two it helps to frame out a window. Just like an art piece looks more finished with a frame around it drapes will do the same thing. My question to you would be what do you need to accomplish in this room? Do you just want to frame out the windows so that room looks complete? Or do you need privacy and need to block out light in that room? If you are just trying to make it look pretty and you do not need any privacy then I would recommend stationary drapes. The overall width of a stationary drape is about 18-22″ wide (on each panel). If you do something like this the stack back of the drape will not interfere with your view, but will give the windows that finish look. Now, if you need privacy you could do inside mount blinds and then do stationary panels. This will give you the best of two worlds…You’ll have inside blinds that will help with privacy and blocking the sun while the stationary panels will frame out the window and give that room a finished look. I hope this helps! Thanks again for the question.

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