Arched Elegance

Something I always notice in homes but never really look for are arches. They’re rare enough that seeing them makes me appreciate their presence but not so rare that they look out of place. Although they’re most common in Mediterranean style homes, they don’t alter the feel of modern or minimalistic looks. Because of that, they’re an underrated special addition to any home and I love the ambiance of intentionality they bring to a space. There’s also a softness about them that adds immediate elegance whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

There’s something quite lovely about the framing of this space, thanks to the molded archway against the straight lines of the shelves. Now try to imagine the doorway as the typical rectangle and you’ll see what I mean. Just that extra bit of contrast creates a more unexpected and modern look. via Pinterest

Custom shelves are my weakness. I love designing them for clients to the exact specificity and function for the space. This one is made even more delightful because of the natural light streaming through the French doors. Lovely! via Studio McGee

More custom shelves, more purposeful stylistic choices. They could have gone with a more colorful approach, creating a very old world style library. Instead they chose neutrals in paint and decor to create a sense of vintage minimalism. via Magnolia

Simple, simple, simple. Yet… striking. The intentional simplicity of this wall creates a sense of an old Spanish style home blended with a Napa Valley vineyard essence. The arch draws the eye upward just enough to help you appreciate the windows surrounded it a little longer. via Three Birds Renovations

I love the added texture of the backsplash, the designed of the countertop, and the tones of brass throughout. These simple details add to the beautiful frame around this kitchen sink. via Earthen Co Interiors


Do you love arches as much as I do?

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