Supporting African-American Interior Designers

And once again it feels like I don’t know what to say. Our nation is in great mourning and the city I live in is enduring some of the most difficult days it’s ever felt. Here at Mohindroo Interiors, we are privileged to be part of the great city of Milwaukee and to be part of its deep culture and diversity. We are also very aware of the inequalities in this city. I’ve thought a lot about what to write for this week’s blog post and how to write it as our country is in such chaos. There’s no right way to respond to such complex issues on an interior design blog, but being silent feels disrespectful.

The interior design community has many networks and has begun to carve out spaces for African-American interior designers. As our nation struggles with the backdrop of inequality, I’d like to shed light on them so you can see the talent, power, and beauty these interior designers are creating.

Black Interior Designer Network is a great resource for black interior designers and those who are looking to support them. Here you can learn how to become a member, sign up for events, and be paired with an interior designer based upon your needs.

This article from Curbed highlights 48 African-American interior designers and creatives.

Shoppe Black featured the best of the best African-American interior designers we should know.

Real Simple wrote about 30 African-American interior designers and creatives we should follow on Instagram.

Architectural Digest interviewed African-American interior designers to talk about the struggles they faced as they pushed through racism and inequality in their field.


Sometimes we might feel powerless in times of great trauma. Supporting equality comes in small ways and big ways (and in many forms). I hope you enjoy being introduced to these designers. This is my small way to offer light during a time of heavy darkness.




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