A Very Full Thanksgiving


As I go through my photos, I’m struck by how many dining rooms I’ve designed since I opened my firm just six years ago. It’s such a humbling thought how many might be eating¬†Thanksgiving dinner in them, especially this year as most of them will be at home. I’m humbled they chose me to help their dining rooms be a place of gathering, beauty, and delicious food.

I hope you know how grateful I am to you, my loyal readers. This year it was my goal to really connect with you through my blog, to not just post random things but have topics that you might enjoy and that might be relevant to your lives. Or maybe an escape from them? Either way, thank you. This blog has grown much more than I anticipated and I’m excited you’re on the journey with me.

Have a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving.




*photos from this post are from some of my favorite projects I’ve done

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