There’s something I love about A-frame houses. Perhaps it’s their uniqueness; although not uncommon, they’re not exactly the shape you see in most suburbs. Or maybe it’s their intention; they’re designed to let in as much light as possible, something we all know I love. Or maybe it’s because their shape is 100% geometry and the rest of the house has to conform to it. This typically leads to a much more interesting interior with a lot more need for customization and creativity.

An A-frame with a spectacular view. Putting a window seat from end to end is a wonderful idea. via Home Stratosphere

This double A-frame house is a perfect example of mid-century mixed with modern while somehow looking like a perfect cabin in the woods. This is more window than house and I love it. via Behance

Glorious height! I don’t know if those plants are real or fake, but their addition makes it all the more heightened. via Fringe and Fringe

Oh goodness I want to be there right now. There’s no bad view with a house like this. via Pinterest

Like I said earlier, conform to the shape and suddenly things get a little more interesting. Windows and cabinets no longer feel standard in an a-frame house. via Pinterest

How do you feel about A-Frame houses?

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