A Fireplace On Your Porch

Last week I wrote a somewhat panicked post about the possibilities of having to socialize in the Winter. I felt better after having a plan: outdoor heating, proper blankets, thick mugs, and dexterous mittens. Since then I’ve been thinking a lot about my porch and all the possibilities of an outdoor, covered fireplace. Before we talked about the potential of expanding your house to include more areas for socializing and today I’d love to share with you some ideas for utilizing the space you already have.


A convenient space for wood, a ceiling fan for Summer, and extra seating for your guests. I love the exposed brick and the southern charm of this scene. via Buzzfeed

Sometimes interrupting the flow of a room is a good thing, especially when it’s done with a fireplace. The easy to clean stone floor is an added benefit. via Decocco Design

A TV that fits right over your fireplace is the perfect way to watch the game or having a viewing party. via Life with Neal and Suz

I love the amount of openness and trees in this scene. It’s more of a deck than a porch but equally doable for most homes. via Deckscapes


What I love about my job is the possibilities.

With porches the possibilities seem endless and much more comforting during all these times of change.

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