A Classic Christmas Party

From the food you eat to the clothes you wear, your style is part of your daily life. This is why when I talk to clients about their style, we talk beyond their homes. If you’re my client, I want to know how you enhance your style through even the smallest things.

I had a little fun with this post. This dining room was a project of mine a few years ago and it’s been a favorite ever since. I love how everything came together from the lush bathroom to the walk-in wine cellar. It consistently inspires, including this post. In the spirit of Christmas, I used this room as the backdrop to the perfect little Christmas Dinner Party. Taking notes from the lush fabrics, classic design, and sheer elegance, I hope you enjoy my take on maximizing your style from your home to every other part of your life.


The Dining Room

The Outfit

Taking notes from the hints of pink and gold, this outfit is definitely something I would wear to an intimate dinner party of two or a lavish party of close friends.

I especially love the wreath earrings.

The Menu

Classic, elegant, and full of complex flavors.

The Playlist

Only the classics for this dinner party.

What’s your dream Christmas Party?

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