8 Steps to get ready for Fall

I can’t believe it’s FALL already!  Although I do love pulling out my boots…well actually I like to buy all new boots for the fall.  Nordstrom, here I come!  There is something about putting on my beat up and snow stained boots from the prior year that doesn’t get me excited to go through another winter season.   It is something I have zero shoppers guilt splurging every fall season and it just makes me look forward to the colder months ahead.  Opps Sorry…Totally off topic!

Here are some 8 practical tips you can do in your home to get ready for the fall and winter season.

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1. Freshen up and sort through your fall wardrobe.
As much as the kids love to go shopping to get there back to school clothes I know I LOVE this part too. Step one. Go shopping(enough explained)! Then sort through your summer and fall clothes from last year. Donate anything you won’t wear again and throw anything out that is too worn down to donate.  If you have older kids have them go through their own clothes to sort and give away.  It will give them the confidence to create their own sense of style but it will also help them to understand donating is a great way to give back to your community.

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2. Set up a homework or project area.
AHHH…the kids are back in school and things are settling down from the fast pace crazy summer schedule. This is the perfect time to set up a quiet place for your kid’s to complete projects and homework throughout the school season. We all need a place to get our work done and truly concentrate. Think about creating a space that will be fun for the kids to go into but also think about having a charging station for their gadgets outside of this homework area. Having a charging station outside of this area will make sure all of their gadgets are tucked away and out of sight. It will also give them an incentive to work for an hour and then get 15 minutes of I-pad usage as a reward.


3. Cozy up with warm layers
Swap out your lightweight coverlet for flannel sheets and a fluffy duvet. There is nothing better than getting into a warm bed with the right sheets on a cold fall day! Don’t forget to replace your light throw for a warmer throw for those bone-chilling days. I’m a huge fan of our faux fur throw but loving the chunky knit blanket. What a fun trend that is 100% practical! How could you not be cozy for the rest of the winter using this blanket!

Okay, now for the not so glamorous items…But don’t worry I’ll add a lot of pretty photos!

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4. Schedule chimney and furnace maintenance.
Having your chimney cleaned and furnace maintained by a professional yearly will make sure these costly elements are running efficiently. Also, getting your chimney cleaned yearly will make sure no animal or animal family has set up shop in your chimney.
5. Maintain the washer and dryer.
This is one of those things I always forget to do until the machine goes out and I want to kick myself for not getting it properly maintained. Don’t be like me and just set it up this fall!

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6. Consider beefing up insulation.
This is a GREAT way to save some serious cash on your energy bills!
7. Check safety devices (fire alarms and carbon monoxide detector).
Even though this is not that glamorous or fun it’s something that needs to be done every year to protect your loved ones and your beautiful home. It’s a no-brainer and simple to do…so get it on your “to do list” for the fall and it will never be forgotten.


8. Order firewood.
Yep, Now. Winter is right around the corner and you don’t want to be left out in the cold(literally) with no firewood to warm up with. Having it on hand now will guarantee on the first cold night all you have to do is rush home from work, turn on your fire and relax with a hot cup of cocoa! Another great tip…Don’t put your wood right next to your home which can encourage pests but make sure it’s covered to keep it from the rain and snow.


Hope these tips will get you excited to get ready for the Fall!

-Lisa Mo


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