7 tips to Bring the Outside In

Nature is a beautiful thing and its raw elements are often what we base our designs on. Thankfully many homes are taking the indoor/outdoor living approach allowing you to take advantage of the beautiful landscape around us. However, bringing the outside in isn’t always as a straightforward as it sounds, but with these helpful tips, you’ll be incorporating natural design elements in no time!

Open It Up – Start with the obvious. Any opportunity to incorporate a large window, glass wall, or door will help to visually bring the outdoors in. Consider a bi-fold door that opens up an entire wall creating an indoor/outdoor living space.

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A Touch of Green – A great way to liven up any space is to add a touch of fresh, living greenery. Whether you have a full-blown plant wall or just a small potted plant in the corner, it is crucial to add that bit of green.

Statement Piece – Incorporate a show stopper piece into your room that will be your natural design element. An oversized wood coffee table or entry table can be the perfect way to create a statement.

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More Than One Type of Stone – A stone fireplace, concrete or rock accent piece, or even a beautiful granite waterfall island can help to give your home a polished natural look.

Set the Scene – The outside of your home often tells a story about what will be seen on the inside. Let your entrance guide people in and pull those elements inside by carrying the same wood or stone floor in.

Picture It – Not everything has to be a piece directly from nature, some can just be a representation. Use art on the wall, pillows, and décor, or even wallpaper to showcase natural elements.

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Raw Elements – Incorporating raw elements such as natural fiber rugs, live edge wood table, rock fireplaces, etc. will help to literally bring outside elements in, but be sure to also incorporate soft, elegant fabrics to ensure a strong balance.

With these tips, you’ll be able to easily bring the outdoors in to create a living environment just as beautiful as the natural space around us!


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