Selecting Paint Colors

How to select a paint color? To be honest it can be one of the hardest elements when creating a room. I feel a paint color can make or break a space. If the wall color is not right the whole room will always feel a little bit off.  Hopefully, this blog will give you a little insight on selecting paints for your next project.

I always recommend to my clients before we select a paint that we need to look at the sample in the actual room and if we can at different times of the day.  By doing this it gives us the full effect of the color.  Paint colors will look different in the morning sun and can take on whole different color at night.  You will also see a change in the hue depending on the lighting in your home.  By making sure you are looking at the sample in the room will help you to assess the color and give you the confidence to select the right shade.   I rarely approve a paint color that I don’t see in the actual room and will always look at a large sample of the paint color to make sure we are spot on.  It’s a big decision that can change the entirety of the room.

How do you find the right color for your home…with so many color palettes and options where would one start.  For starters use something tangible that will give you inspiration for your color palette.  For example, a piece of fabric, rug sample, nature like flowers or glass pebbles can help you to explore the right shade for your home.  For me, I love to use fabrics as my starting point or inspiration for the palette.  I love using bold and bright colors that are combined in an interesting way and I tend to find these color combinations in fabrics.

Another great source is Pinterest! Yes, Pinterest has some great inspirational boards that help you pull some beautiful color palettes together for your home.  On these boards, they provide the color number and vendor information so you can go right to the source and order samples. I recommend narrowing down to two or three options that you prefer.  Then painting a 2′ x 2′(or larger)  sample of paint on the wall and view it at different times of the day.  You will know by the end of the day which option will work best for your home after going through this procedure.

If all else fails and you are still overwhelmed call a professional.  The majority of firms I know charge a reasonable fee to help you select the right color for your home!


-Lisa Mo

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