5 Tips for Taking Any Space from Dated and Dreary to Fresh and Functional

We’re heading into the New Year here at Mohindroo Interiors by starting work on several fabulous client projects. One that I’m most excited about involves transforming an older home’s wood paneled, non-functional basement into a fresh, coastal-inspired retreat for lounging and entertaining.

Even without full-blown renovations, you can refresh your own dated and dreary spaces using these five ideas.

1. Jute rugs

Natural fiber rugs are classics but they’re especially popular right now, making them perfect for changing up your rooms. And even better is they’re often relatively inexpensive as compared to other rugs.

I love to swap out an old rug with a jute one in a chunky weave. All that texture adds loads of visual interest, but it’s still neutral enough to go with just about any color palette.

Or layer a large flat woven jute rug beneath a beautiful, patterned wool rug for an instant style upgrade.

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2. Light up your space… literally! 

I love to add lighting to dark, dreary rooms with shadowy corners. Inadequate lighting is never functional and it makes a room feel less than inviting.

Now’s a great time to change out dated light fixtures for modern ones that give off better light, are more energy efficient, and add freshness to your decor.

Vary the lighting levels in your rooms by adding floor and table lamps to the overhead lighting.

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3. Layer a mix of patterns and textures 

When choosing a room’s decor, be careful to select a variety of patterns and textures.

Using all shiny, all stained wood, all stripes, etc. may feel ‘safe’ but it lacks the interest contrast brings and makes a room’s design fall flat.

Add a lacquered sideboard or Lucite coffee table to a coastal inspired space, for example, and don’t be afraid to mix geometrics, florals, and abstracts together.

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4. Consider how the space will be used 

Any update that adds to the functionality of your home is a win.

Beyond the space’s storage needs, it pays to think through what kinds of activities will take place there and how people will move through it.

A new way to layout your furniture can open up walkways or encourage gathering and conversation. Even something as simple as adding a long console table to separate functions in an “open concept” space can be transformative.

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5. Less is more 

Just after taking down the Christmas decorations is the perfect time to change up your non-holiday accessories.

Take some time to clear off your shelves, tabletops, counters – even your walls! – and donate or pack away old, ‘tired’ decorative items.

Re-style them with brand new accessories, or move existing ones to another room. Either way, keep in mind that cluttered is neither fresh nor functional.

Edit down your accessories to give your space a mini face-lift and allow a few truly beautiful pieces to shine.

Try these simple tips to help any space feel fresher and more functional better, but if you need a true renovation or redesign and you live in the Milwaukee area, give me a call.

I’d love to help you transform your home into a place you truly enjoy!

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